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Eminem - Topic

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Shared January 16, 2020

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Godzilla · Eminem · Juice WRLD

Music To Be Murdered By

℗ 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III

Released on: 2020-01-17

Producer: d.a. got that dope for Guaranteed Millions
Producer, Additional Producer: Eminem
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Mike Strange
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Vic Luevanos
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Tony Campana
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Joe Strange
Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Julio Ulloa
Associated Performer, Additional Keyboards: Luis Resto
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Brian Gardner
Composer Lyricist: M Mathers
Composer Lyricist: L. Resto
Composer Lyricist: D. Doman
Composer Lyricist: J. Higgins
Composer Lyricist: A. Villasana

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Thor Hemsworth

Eminem's parents are still waiting for his first breath

2 months ago | [YT] | 27,456

Killah J

Ariana Grande: 7 Rings
Lukas Graham: 7 Years
Eminem: 7 Lungs

1 month ago | [YT] | 1,599


Charlie Puth: We don’t talk anymore

Eminem: We don’t breathe anymore

1 month ago | [YT] | 2,242

ImNotTaken [Skyblock]

Any school teacher: You can't make fire without oxygen.

Eminem: Observe.

1 month ago | [YT] | 2,889

Monn Rigor Hekin

News: Corona virus is transfered through air
Eminem: It's okay i dont breathe

3 weeks ago | [YT] | 113

Maton Gaming

Only three people can kill someone with a pencil.
2.The Joker
3. John Wick

2 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 3,382

Nicola Alvaro

I refuse to believe that Eminem is 47 years old

3 weeks ago | [YT] | 442

Mattan Ragen

Eminem: hey wanna hear a joke?
Me: sure
Eminem: oxygen

1 month ago | [YT] | 357

DJ Barlovich

Eminem doesn't have to worry about people stealing this song because everyone else has to breathe

1 month ago | [YT] | 258

Jexel Gaming928

Fun fakkt: Eminem said more words than he had breathed

21 hours ago | [YT] | 0

PURE Eshayy

Only people who was here before 1 mill can like this


2 months ago | [YT] | 1,688

BeThereOrBeSquare Me:*MyProfilePicture*

Statistics: The fastest verse in history is in Rap God sung by Eminem.
Eminem: "Hold my breath"

1 month ago (edited) | [YT] | 419


16k dislikes from the people who believe in oxygen

1 month ago | [YT] | 55

Lepug71 Productions

Eminem is not scared about quarantaine
He doesn’t even breath lmao 😂

3 weeks ago | [YT] | 34

Sirskelletal S

This song is a banger its on my album

22 hours ago | [YT] | 1


Rip Kobe🤦🤦🚡💥💀

2 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 1,827


Ugh, you're a monster


I can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I'll feel like Godzilla

Better hit the deck like the card dealer

My whole squad's in here, walking around the party

A cross between a zombie apocalypse and big Bobby "The

Brain" Heenan which is probably the

Same reason I wrestle with mania

Shady's in this bitch, I'm posse'd up

Consider it to cross me a costly mistake

If they sleepin' on me, the hoes better get insomnia

ADHD, Hydroxycut

Pass the Courvoisi' (Hey, hey)

In AA with an AK, melee, finna set it like a playdate

Better vacate, retreat like a vacay, mayday

This beat is cray-cray, Ray J, H-A-H-A-H-A

Laughing all the way to the bank, I spray flames

They cannot tame or placate the (Ayy)

[Juice WRLD (Eminem):]


You get in my way, I'ma feed you to the monster, yeah

I'm normal during the day, but at night, turn to a monster, yeah

When the moon shines like Ice Road Truckers

I look like a villain outta those blockbusters

(Godzilla, fire spitter), monster

Blood on the dance floor, and on the Louis V carpet

(Fire, Godzilla, fire), monster

Blood on the dance floor, and on the Louis V carpet


I'm just a product of Slick Rick and Onyx, told 'em lick the balls

Had 'em just appalled at so many things that pissed 'em off

It's impossible to list 'em all

And in the midst of all this

I'm in a mental hospital with a crystal ball

Tryna see, will I still be like this tomorrow?

Risperdal, voices whisper

My fist is balled back up against the wall, pencil drawn

This is just the song to go ballistic on

You just pulled a pistol on the guy with the missile launcher

I'm just a Loch Ness, the mythological

Quick to tell a bitch screw off like a fifth of Vodka

When you twist the top of the bottle, I'm a

[Juice WRLD (Eminem):]


You get in my way, I'ma feed you to the monster (Yeah)

I'm normal during the day, but at night, turn to a monster (Yeah)

When the moon shines like Ice Road Truckers

I look like a villain outta those blockbusters

(Godzilla, fire spitter), monster

Blood on the dance floor, and on the Louis V carpet

(Fire, Godzilla, fire), monster

Blood on the dance floor, and on the Louis V carpet


If you never gave a damn, raise your hand

'Cause I'm about to set trip, vacation plans

I'm on point like my index is, so all you will ever get is

The motherfuckin' finger (Finger), prostate exam ('Xam)

How can I have all these fans and perspire?

Like a liar's pants, I'm on fire

And I got no plans to retire and I'm still the man you admire

These chicks are spazzin' out, I only get more handsome and flier

I got 'em passin' out like what you do when you hand someone flyers

And what goes around comes around just like the blades on a chainsaw

'Cause I caught the flap of my dollar stack right off the bat like a baseball

Like Kid Ink, bitch, I got them racks with so much ease that they call me Diddy

'Cause I make bands and I call getting cheese a cakewalk (Cheesecake, yeah)

Bitch, I'm a player, I'm too motherfuckin' stingy for Cher

Won't even lend you an ear, ain't even pretending to care

But I tell a bitch I'll marry her if she'll bury her

Face on my genital area, the original Richard Ramirez

Christian Rivera, 'cause my lyrics never sit well

So they wanna give me the chair

Like a paraplegic, and it's scary, call it Harry Caray

'Cause every Tom and Dick, and Harry carry a Merriam motherfuckin' dictionary

Got 'em swearing up and down, they can't spit, this shit's hilarious

It's time to put these bitches in the obituary column

We wouldn't see eye to eye with a staring problem

Get the shaft like a steering column (Mark Jack)

Trigger happy, pack heat, but it's black ink

Evil half of the Bad Meets

Evil, that means take a back seat

Take it back to Fat Petes with a maxi, single

Look at my rap sheets, what attracts these people

Is my gangster, bitch, like Apache with a catchy jingle

I stack chips, you barely got a half-eaten Cheeto

Fill 'em with the venom and eliminate 'em

Other words, I Minute Maid 'em

I don't want to hurt 'em, but I did 'em in a fit of rage

I'm murderin' again, nobody will evade him

Finna kill 'em and dump all the fuckin' bodies in the lake

Obliterating everything, incinerate and renegade 'em

And I make anybody who want it with the pen afraid

But don't nobody want it, but they're gonna get it anyway

'Cause I'm beginnin' to feel like I'm mentally ill

I'm Attila, kill or be killed, I'm a killer bee, the vanilla gorilla

You're bringin' the killer within me out of me

You don't want to be the enemy of the demon who went in me

And be on the receivin' end of me, what stupidity it'd be

Every bit of me's the epitome of a spitter

When I'm in the vicinity, motherfucker, you better duck

Or you finna be dead the minute you run into me

A hundred percent of you is a fifth of a percent of me

I'm 'bout to fuckin' finish you bitch, I'm unfadable

You wanna battle, I'm available, I'm blowin' up like an inflatable

I'm undebatable, I'm unavoidable, I'm unevadable

I'm on the toilet bowl, I got a trailer full of money and I'm paid in full

I'm not afraid to pull the—

Man, stop

Look what I'm plannin', haha

1 month ago | [YT] | 621

Thomas Oberhamberger

Eminem 2013: "I'm the rap god!"

Eminem 2020: "This isn't even my final form!!!"

1 month ago | [YT] | 387

Mohamed Yamen

Everyone be talking about the fast part but this song is actually lit

1 month ago | [YT] | 135

the american punch hole

eminem: makes rap god
slim shady: "ok now its my turn"

1 month ago | [YT] | 119